It is important to study the rules of bookmakers

Along with bettors and athletes, the bookmaker is one of the main actors in betting. That is why it is so important to choose the most reliable and responsible BC. At the same time, it is important to understand that offices have a set of certain rules that they consistently follow. There are general rules for all bookmakers, in addition to which each office can add additional rules at its own discretion. What rules of bookmakers ‘ offices every bettor should know-read in this article.

General rules for accepting bets in bookmakers

  1. You can only place a bet on events that are in the bookmaker’s line.
  2. The coefficient that the bettor placed a bet on does not change in the coupon, even if it continues to increase or decrease on the site after making a bet.
  3. Only bets placed before the start of the match are considered valid. This rule does not apply to live bets.
  4. Bookmakers do not cancel bets at the request of the bettor, if the bet has already been made. There are certain rules for returning bids and the reasons for this, which are usually described in great detail in the charter of each office.
  5. Bets are calculated on the basis of information from official sources specified in the bookmaker’s code of rules. As a rule, these sources are websites of sports federations, international sports organizations, and so on.

Before placing bets, it is important to carefully study the rules of a successful bettor and the rules of betting in bookmakers, and choose the most suitable option for yourself. Special attention should be paid to studying the rules for returning bets, as well as the bookmaker’s actions in case of force majeure. Also, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the procedure for regulating disputes and conflicts between the BC and the player, so that you don’t have to bite your elbows later. After all, there are different cases. We have already talked about how to choose a bookmaker in the 7th issue of the Triumphator blog. Be sure to check it out to learn all the tricks and life hacks of choosing a reliable BC.

Basic rules of bookmakers

In addition to the rules directly related to the betting process, there are rules for the game itself. The general rules are as follows:

  1. Only adults can play on bets.
  2. A single player can only have one account at a bookmaker’s office, and re-registration is prohibited.
  3. When registering with the Betting company, the bettor must provide only reliable information.
  4. You can start placing bets only after the player registration process in the BC is fully completed and the identity verification procedure is successful. To do this, some offices ask the player to come in person or pass identification via Skype.
  5. The bettor should pay the greatest attention to the payment systems of the chosen bookmaker’s office. As a rule, funds are withdrawn to the wallets and bank accounts from which the deposit was made. However, some BCS may require the player to bet at least 70% of the deposited funds in order to be able to withdraw money. Please also keep in mind that when withdrawing funds from the player’s account, the tax will be deducted. There are also special cases. For example, the betting rules at the 1xStavka bookmaker’s office regulate everything in such a way that the tax on winnings is debited even before the withdrawal order is made.
  6. The company can refuse to accept a bet from any player without explaining the reason for its refusal.
  7. A bookmaker may refuse to accept bets on different markets for the same sporting event.
  8. If a system failure, bugs, or any other errors occur in the bookmaker’s database, players ‘ bets will be canceled. As a rule, if the bettor managed to place a bet before the failure occurred, the company returns the money to his account, paying with a coefficient of 1.
  9. If the bookmaker suspects that the bettor is playing unfairly, he can cancel the bet. This often happens when a player bets on pre-known outcomes (we are talking about the notorious agreements).

By the way, the usual cancellation of a bet is not the most severe measure of punishment for dishonest bettors. The rules of bookmakers (1xbet, fonbet, or, for example, winline) may provide for blocking accounts, cutting accounts, and other harsh sanctions. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not cheat and do not try to beat the bookmaker. Bookmakers are very active in the fight against scammers and fork drivers, and punish them to the fullest extent. If you want to find out why bookmakers cut accounts, and find out a lot more useful and unique information about the activities of bookmakers-see6 issue of the Triumphator blog.

Bookmaker’s rules: are there any significant differences?

During the course of betting, the bettor may encounter various unforeseen circumstances and situations. This can be anything: canceling a match or rescheduling it, interrupting a sporting event, and so on. The rules of bookmakers ‘ offices (for football or any other sport) also help to understand such situations. Some bookmakers return money to players, while others consider the bet lost.

In general, if we consider legal offices (and we do not consider others, in principle), then there are no big discrepancies in their rules. The basic principle is more or less identical. There are some minor differences. And mainly, they are as follows::

  • odds may differ for the same outcome of a sporting event;
  • events in the line may differ;
  • there may be a difference in the markets that offer the same event;
  • the minimum and maximum bet sizes (limits) may differ;
  • the maximum win amount may vary from one office to another;
  • the minimum deposit amount may vary;
  • the maximum withdrawal amount may vary from office to office.

If the rules for registering with bookmakers are practically the same, then the rules for betting amounts, deposits, and odds may be completely different. Therefore, we recommend registering with several bookmakers to be able to compare the odds for the same outcome, and choose the most profitable option.

Rules of the betting calculation system in bookmakers

  • Based on official minutes or video recordings, the bookmaker announces the result, on the basis of which bets are subsequently calculated.
  • It happens that the results of the event do not match, and then the decision remains with the bookmaker’s office. However, this is extremely rare, as the sources of information used for calculating bids are indicated in each office. For example, the Marathon betting company-its rules state that all bets are calculated on the basis of the award ceremony or the official protocol of the competition, without taking into account the results of subsequent investigations or disqualifications. And the rules of the Fonbet betting company state that an interrupted event is still considered to have taken place if at least a certain part of the regulated time was played (for football-65 minutes, for basketball-35 minutes, for hockey-45 minutes, etc.). So study the rules of each office where you plan to place bets.
  • The bettor can challenge the BC’s decision if she made a mistake in the results of the event and considered the deal lost. To win in this sport, the bettor needs to present indisputable evidence (for example, a link to the official website of the federation, where an error will be visible as a result) of their correctness. Information from unofficial sources is not quoted as reliable, so it is not considered a basis for recalculating the bid.
  • The bookmaker can cancel payouts or bets if they have reason to consider the event as a contractual event. For example, the rules of Winline describe this in detail – the bookmaker has devoted an entire section to such bets.

In fact, unsolvable conflicts between bettors and bookmakers do not happen so often. And all of them are solvable – that’s what the rules of bookmakers are for. Do you want to know the whole truth about how bookmakers work? Then be sure to watch our video “Secrets of bookmakers ” and learn a lot of useful information.