What is a casino and bookmaker wager?

Wager in an online casino

Online casinos attract customers with bonuses, offering extra money for a deposit or free spins. It sounds tempting, but few people pay attention to additional conditions, namely wagering requirements, or a wager. In order not to fall into the trap, you should carefully understand what it is.

What is a casino wager?

This is the minimum number of bets that a player must make in order to cash out their winnings. During the early days of the online casino, enterprising players withdrew more than one thousand dollars due to the soft conditions for using bonus funds. Often, restrictions are set to eliminate the possibility of losses and retain the client.

The casino wager is indicated as a coefficient: 30x, 60x or x30, x60. This indicator, multiplied by the bonus amount, allows you to find out the amount that the player must use for betting before cashing out the winnings.

For example, a welcome bonus of 100% for the first deposit means that when a gambler deposits 1,000 rubles to his account, he will receive the same amount to the bonus account. With the x30 wager, the total number of bets from bonus funds must be at least 1,000 x 30 = 30,000 rubles. As soon as this threshold is exceeded, the player gets the right to withdraw winnings from the casino without hindrance.

What restrictions apply?

In addition to the set coefficient, other additional conditions for wagering bonus money are also used:

  • Limit on the size of the bet. Many establishments prescribe a ban on using high bids in their rules. For example, in Riobet casino the maximum bet can not exceed 5% of the bonus amount, in PlayAmo-300 rubles.
  • Restrictions on online slots. The wager can be wagered on certain slot machines. The institution makes a list of games that are not included in the overall ranking.
  • Various wagering contributions. Percentage of bets that will be counted during the use of bonus funds in different types of games. For example, slots usually have a 100% contribution from the bet, while roulette, blackjack and poker, depending on the policy of the establishment, only 5-50%.
  • Time limits. The rules specify how long it takes to turn off the wager. Argo gives you up to 14 days to wager, while Rox gives you only 72 hours.

Players see the amount of additional rewards and do not pay attention to the terms of promotions. And they usually say that when you try to withdraw funds before the wagering conditions are met, bonuses are canceled. Most often, beginners fall into this trap.And they usually say that when you try to withdraw funds before the wagering conditions are met, bonuses are canceled. Most often, beginners fall into this trap.

What is a bonus wager?

The more attractive the bonus offer looks, the more serious the wagering conditions are. The requirements depend on the bonus type:

  • No deposit, or welcome bonus. It doesn’t require adding funds to your account.It is issued for registration, but the conditions are very strict. Often the wager is higher than x50, and other restrictions apply.
  • Beginners receive a starter bonus for the first deposit. The casino charges up to 100% of the deposit amount to the bonus account. This money should be played in the slot machines 30-40 times.
  • Bonuses for the second, third and subsequent deposits involve additional charges in the amount of 25%, 50% or 100% of the amount that the player deposits to the account. Wagering conditions may be milder than for the first deposit.
  • Reload promotions are available only to regular customers. They are credited to players on a weekly or monthly basis for the total amount of deposits or bets played. The wager rarely exceeds the x20 value, which is considered low.
  • VIP offers for high rollers are available to players who deposit large amounts and play big. Clubs set average wagering requirements, but often limit gamblers to a small percentage of wagering on slots and other games.
  • Free spins are also equipped with a wager as a premium offer. The money won in such spins must be wagered, and the coefficient can reach x50.
  • Cashback applies to lost bets. Part of the funds can be returned to the player with a small wagerer.