What is Double Chance in Betting?

A double outcome combines two events into one. The result is either 1x, x2, or 12. Let’s analyze how these symbols are deciphered:

  • 1x-home team won’t lose (first team wins or draws);
  • x2-guests won’t lose (second team wins or draws);
  • 12-there will be no draws (any team wins).

Advantages of a double outcome

Reduce risks, because you need to predict not one result out of three, but only two. Also, if you bet on 1x or x2 in the event of a draw, you earn money, and if you use a zero handicap, you get a refund.

What is a double chance in bets: 12, 1X, X2

The probability of winning increases – the advantage follows from the previous one. If two results are combined in a bet, then the chances of success increase from 33% to 66.

Disadvantages of Double Chance

Low quotes compared to betting on a clear win. Naturally, when the odds of winning a bet increase, the coefficient decreases.

Detailed analytics, because getting high quotes requires careful analysis. The downside is that it is difficult to identify an outsider who is able to take points in a confrontation with a strong opponent, especially for novice players.

Double exodus in express trains

Since such markets are priced with quotes in the range of 1.05-1.45, flirt with their ordinaries it is not always advisable. When you are looking at a team that won’t lose in several matches, it makes sense to collect a double in order to get a coefficient in the region of two.

The maximum number of events on the express train is three. With each outcome, not only the coefficient increases, but also the bookmaker’s margin, and the probability of winning decreases. Put carefully, considering each choice. However, it is much better to learn how to analyze matches and identify the potential of outsiders in order to flirt with high quotes on 1x or x2.

Examples of using double chance

Meeting of equal teams. The analysis of the match showed that the hosts have a slight advantage due to the home stadium factor. Taking their victory is dangerous, so play safe and play 1x.

If the analysis indicates a clear superiority of the opponent who plays at home, it makes no sense to bet on 1x, since the quotes in this case are scanty. It is optimal to add a double or triple bet.

When guests are playing against an equal or slightly weaker opponent, it is risky to flirt with their winnings, even if with a high coefficient. It is more expedient to hedge your bets and lower the quotes by betting on x2.

Betting on the failure of a team to win is appropriate in equal pairs and games of middle peasants with a reliable defense against representatives of the upper part of the standings. The middle players will be happy with a draw, but since betting on a draw is risky, it is safer to combine the two outcomes in one trade.


The main disadvantage of a double outcome is a small coefficient. To find a good bet, you need to analyze many matches of equal opponents or where the underdog can beat the favorite.

It is worth noting double bets, for example, x2 + TB 1.5. This is a good way to increase quotes, but you will have to analyze the performance of teams and other factors that affect the number of goals.